Silk does not automatically mean high-quality silk

Similar to cotton vs. organic cotton, there are big differences in the way silk is manufactured and processed. If you want to wear something healthy on your skin and enjoy the benefits of silk, look for organic silk.

La Katz silk is certified and follows a strict, holistic concept that does not harm people, the environment or animals. We do not use pesticides or genetic sprays. We support the metamorphosis from the silkworm to the butterfly. Harmful chemicals are completely prohibited. You will feel it because our silk is much softer than the conventional one.

If you create a healthy product, the process doesn't end with the choice of raw material. This is why our entire value chain is well thought out. The silk is dyed in Vienna and our products are handmade in Germany. You can find more details under "What is La Katz made of". If you have any questions, please write to me at any time: